Beer 101 | What You Need To Know About Pale Ale Beer

Beer is seeing a renaissance lately. Craft breweries and other small-batch beers are offering a multitude of flavored beers for consumers that range from deep, dark lagers to pale ales and everything in between. If you are not sure exactly what a pale ale is, here's what you need to know. Why is it called pale ale? The term "pale ale" was first used in the 18th century to describe a light-colored beer that was made with pale malt. Read More 

How To Utilize Your Local Liquor Store

Alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed alone or with others, as part of the meal or as a separate treat. Whether you enjoy wine, beer, or cocktails, you can find your beverages of choice at a well-stocked liquor store. These are four ways you can utilize your local liquor store. 1. Ask for assistance When visiting a liquor store for the first time, you should feel free to ask for assistance. Employees can give you a tour of the store to help you familiarize yourself with their products. Read More