Discover What You Can Expect When Taking A Wine Tour

If you have never taken a wine tour but are interested in doing so now, you will want to continue reading so you can learn a little about all of the things that you can expect. The more you know about wine tours and how they are typically run, the more relaxed you will be about going to one. Here are some examples of things you can expect there to be at the tour or that could happen while you are there.

Learn About The Process Of Making Wine

One of the more fascinating parts of the tour is when you get to learn about the entire process of making wine. There is a lot that goes into it, much more than just stomping some grapes. You will learn how and where the grapes are grown, as well as how and when they are harvested. You will probably learn a lot about the fermentation process and how the wine is aged in the bottle. All of the information you receive is sure to give you a better understanding and appreciation of the wine-making process.

You May Drink More Than You Expect

While there will be a lot of different wines to taste, it is important to know that even a little bit of many different wines can add up to be a lot of alcohol for some people. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are taking that into consideration before you leave for a wine tour. How will you get home when the tour is over? If you want to be able to drive yourself home, you might want to opt for the sip-and-spit wine-tasting method. This is where you just take a small sip of the wine for the taste, but then spit it out into a provided container instead of swallowing it. You can also bring a designated driver with you or have a taxi or a ride-share service take you home when the tour is completed.

You May Be Offered Discounts On Wine Purchases

A lot of the wineries that offer the tours will have sales for some of their signature or house wines. You might want to take some notes while you are sipping different wines so you can easily recall which ones you might be interested in purchasing. Consider buying a bottle for yourself or a few extra bottles that you can give as gifts to loved ones.

For more information on wine tours, contact a company near you.