Popping A Cork? 4 Suggestions For Serving Champagne

Champagne is the perfect choice for a party, holiday, or a simple aperitif after a fine meal. But what is the best way to serve it? There are many tips and tricks related to champagne, but any sommelier will tell you that champagne should always be stored in a cool, dark place- upright if you plan to drink it soon, and on its side if you are storing it for the long term.  

So, go ahead and pop a cork! Consider these four suggestions for serving champagne: 

2. Use a Flute

The type of glass that you use does make a difference. Unless you are averse to bubbles, it is always best to use a flute for champagne. Plus, the inherent shape of a flute keeps more fizz at the bottom, producing more bubbles at the top. The smaller opening of a flute-shaped glass doesn't permit as many bubbles to escape as a larger-shaped glass, such as a wine or martini glass, would. Drinking champagne in a flute keeps it bubblier for longer!  

3. Add to a Cocktail

Champagne cocktails are making a comeback. Classic drinks are replacing seltzer or soda water with champagne for a new twist on an old favorite. For instance, adding champagne to a gin fizz, along with lemon juice, sugar, and egg white, creates something totally new and even more frothy!  

Another champagne cocktail suggestion is to combine one part orange liqueur with two parts champagne. Add lemon and orange wedges and serve over ice. Try fruit-infused vodka and add strawberry syrup or puree, lemon juice, and a champagne float on top. Make sure your champagne and your liquor are chilled for the best results.  

4. Make a Classic

Another way to serve champagne is the traditional way in the classic champagne cocktail. To make one, saturate a sugar cube with bitters, and place it in the bottom of a flute. Add an ounce of brandy and fill the flute with champagne. Don't mix; half of the fun of this cocktail is to watch the bubbles as the sugar dissolves gradually.  

5. Serve with Something Sweet

A final serving suggestion for a good glass of champagne is something sweet; that is, serve it with dessert. Champagne is lighter and less filling than wine or after-dinner drinks, plus the bubbles in the champagne can help to cleanse the palate. You should always enjoy food with champagne to enjoy even more complexity and depth of flavor in the pairing.   

Try these serving suggestions and tips to enjoy your favorite champagne. If you aren't sure what your local liquor store has in stock, consider buying online for increased options and convenience. For more information about buying alcohol online, like buying Veuve Clicquot online, contact a local supplier.